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About Paris Texas Apparel Co.

Paris Texas Apparel Co. offers unique southern neck ties that celebrate Texas style, culture, and tradition. While sipping on Lone Stars at a BBQ joint in Austin, we recounted a recent trip we took from Houston to Del Rio. The drive is a six-hour haul from the largest and busiest city in Texas to the middle of nowhere. We laughed at the thought of making that trip in a chuck wagon and agreed the people that did so were undoubtedly insane.

Further, we agreed that most every Texan has a bit of that wild sense of adventure. Texas attracts all types of people for all types of reasons. It has something for everyone, and if we don’t have it, a Texan will build it.

And that is exactly what we’ve set out to do with Paris Texas Apparel Co. Paris may be the fashion capital of the World, but Texas is a whole 'nother world unto itself – so we decided to build our own fashion capital right here in this great state. With that in mind, we struck out to design a clothing line that celebrates all that is great about Texas.

So for those of you who are restricted from wearing your Stetson and spurs only on special occasions, we have created a new way for you to display your love for the Lone Star State. Our hope is that you will get as much enjoyment from wearing our clothes as we did designing them.

Please call our store to place an order.